You’re engaged!?! Let’s create some photos you’ll love for a lifetime!

You’ve found the person you want to spend forever with. Way to go guys! What’s next? Well, I think you should meet with me. Let’s kick off our shoes, run in the waves, and have some fun. Or we could put on our fanciest shoes, and do some twirls. It’s up to you. Let’s plan the engagement session of your dreams.

Boy are you in luck. You just hit the jackpot in an opportunity to win a free engagement photography session. An opportunity to connect. To have fun. To be sweet. To be silly. To dress up. To dress down. To let your love shine. It’s a $300 value that includes my time and talent, with no minimum purchase.

What do you need to do to win? Just send me an email, HI{AT}TAYLOR-K.COM and tell me that you want to win a free engagement session! Include some information about you and your beloved; I’m a sucker for a good love story. Hit send. And done.




Do you want photographs of the two of you that you’ll love for decades to come? Photographs that will bring back memories of this exciting time in your lives? Photographs that will capture that special nose crinkle you get that he loves. Or the mischievous raise of an eyebrow he gets when he’s trying to get you riled up?


Have you entered to win yet?

Yes? Good for you! Winners will be notified via email. Can’t wait!




Here’s a sneak peek of last weeks beautiful backyard wedding in Arizona.

Kelli has been a long time online friend (with a splash of in person interaction) and I was THRILLED to find out that she was engaged to Jason! I was even more excited when she asked me to photograph their big day.

Kelli is a talented everything-er, but is a most talented writer. She not only writes a great blog, African Kelli, but is also a published author.

Jason and Kelli’s wedding was full of sweet, personal touches that showed their love for each other, and for their friends and family.

jason-and-kelli-1 jason-and-kelli-2 jason-and-kelli-3 jason-and-kelli-4 jason-and-kelli-5 jason-and-kelli-6 jason-and-kelli-7 jason-and-kelli-8 jason-and-kelli-9 jason-and-kelli-10 jason-and-kelli-11 jason-and-kelli-12 jason-and-kelli-13 jason-and-kelli-14 jason-and-kelli-15 jason-and-kelli-16 jason-and-kelli-17 jason-and-kelli-18 jason-and-kelli-19 jason-and-kelli-20 jason-and-kelli-21 jason-and-kelli-22 jason-and-kelli-23 jason-and-kelli-24 jason-and-kelli-25 jason-and-kelli-26 jason-and-kelli-27 jason-and-kelli-28 jason-and-kelli-29

jason-and-kelli-30 jason-and-kelli-31 jason-and-kelli-32 jason-and-kelli-33 jason-and-kelli-34 jason-and-kelli-35



It’s that time of year when I open sessions up and dedicate my weekends to family photos! It’s always fun to take a small break from engagements and weddings to hang out with some cute kiddos and create fun memories for holiday cards.

This year, I’ve decided to give away a family photo session to ONE lucky family.

To enter, please leave a comment on this post and tell me about your family. I want to know about you! What makes you tick? What are your favorite activities? What are your favorite pastimes?

Leave a comment by midnight PST on 10/10/16.

Winner must be available for their session before 12/1/16. If winner is more than 25 miles from Long Beach, CA, a travel fee may apply. The session includes up to 2 hours with me, 30 fully edited photos delivered digitally, and am 11×14 wrapped canvas. The package is a $500 value.

I look forward to hearing about you and your families! Below are some of my favorites from past family photo sessions.

xo, tk

family-session-4 family-session-3 family-session-2 family-session-1 van-photo