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2017 Fall Family Photos, and an EPIPHANY!

I was visiting my cousins in San Francisco this winter, looking through family photos I’d never seen before. They were from the 1950’s when most of my dad’s family lived in the Panama Canal Zone. The one that caught my attention was a glamorous black and white group wedding photograph. My grandma’s cousin’s wedding. All of the guests names were written on the back, and seeing my grandma’s name written in her cursive made my heart catch in my throat. How cool that I was holding something that she’d held. Looking at her name, and photos from that day made me feel so thankful for all of the ridiculous photos my parents have saved of us over the years. And then………

I got really sad. Because the photography work that I do is digital. We always say that we’re going to print photos, but so rarely do. Me included! A photographer! Who doesn’t print photos! Technology becomes obsolete so quickly that I KNOW how important it is to print. Our grandkids, and great grandkids aren’t going to be able to plug in a jump drive, or slide in a disc to view jpg’s. They’re going to want something tangible, something they can touch and feel to connect them with years past.

So, I decided then and there to make a change to the way I do business………and it’s been going SO well.

Here’s the deal;

We still take lovely photos, duh, and spend a fun hour or so together.

Then, we get to see each other again for my favorite part; THE REVEAL. I come to your house, or you come to my office, and you get to see your photos all printed out, and pretty.  We then go through, and choose which ones are your favorites, and talk about ordering options. The lab I use is just spectacular and I’m so happy with how rich, professional, and timeless their my work looks with their ink and paper. All packages include a set of prints in a gorgeous box for you to save for ever and ever. And ever. The rest of the package items depend on the season, and what type of session we’re doing. For holiday, it will probably include some cards to mail, and a photo gift or two for grandparents, or aunts and uncles.

You’ll always be given the option of a few different packages, at different price points.

To be honest, switching to this new way of doing business freaked me out at first. I was worried that my clients wouldn’t see the value that I do in not just paying for a session, but also paying for prints, wall art, and gifts through my new packages. But rolling this out slowly over the last six months has been nothing but wonderful. My clients are so excited to receive archival photos that will stay in their family for generations, and I’m happy that their darling photos aren’t just sitting in a cloud somewhere.

If you have any questions, or need clarification, let’s chat on the phone or meet for coffee! I can’t wait to make memories with you this year for holiday family photos, and in the future.




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